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Game On!

Football season is back! It’s time to bust out your tailgating gear and cheer on the Seahawks (or whichever team you’re rooting for)! While we enjoy the NFL for entertainment purposes, watching football can also teach some valuable lessons to help improve your financial situation, believe it or not! Here are four money-smart takeaways you can gain from observing your favorite team. Build a Strong Defense. It’s important to build a strong defense against the things most likely to cost you the “game”. Invest in an emergency fund, purchase solid insurance plans, etc. You cannot sit back and wait for catastrophic events to dictate the actions you should take. Take initiative and take control!  Find a Quarterback Who Can Score. […]

Conventional vs. Alternative Money Lending: The Juniper Capital Difference

Investing in commercial real estate is a complex venture that is difficult even for experts to succeed at, but the rewards can be invaluable. From business executives to entrepreneurs, most investors need funding for an undertaking of this size, and the amount needed is often greater than personal finances will allow. But borrowing money can be an intimidating, stressful process. Who do you turn to for advice? How do you find the best possible rate? As leading private money lenders in the Pacific Northwest, we understand and want you to know you have options! The days of depending solely on conventional financial institutions for money lending are over. Though initially you may think a bank loan is the best choice […]

The Scoop: Take a Hike!

The warm weather has finally arrived and we can’t help but stare out the windows and daydream about our next adventure in that glorious PNW sunshine. From the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades, across the lush rainforests and sandy beaches of the Olympic Peninsula, to fields of wildflowers near Mt. Rainier, exploring Washington’s diverse landscapes is just as beautiful as it is refreshing. It’s time to get out of the office and take a hike! The below day hikes are perfect for enjoying throughout summer 2017. Rattlesnake Ledge. Take it easy with this popular, gently-sloping trail through gorgeous foliage and a rewarding end view of Snoqualmie Pass, the Southern Cascades and Rattlesnake Lake. With a trailhead only 40 minutes east […]

The Scoop: Blue Skies Ahead

We all know how the saying goes – “April showers bring May flowers”, but in the Northwest, it seems that April showers just bring more showers. During the long, dark and dreary winter (and even spring) months, the memories of basking in the Seattle sun become a bit fuzzy, and it seems the only thing we can do to cope is cozy up with a warm cup of coffee and hope for drier, brighter days ahead. This year especially, we deserve a round of applause, because we survived the coldest winter in 32 years, not to mention the wettest February in over 50 years! But just when we think we can’t handle one more rainy, overcast day, the clouds slowly […]

The Scoop: No Method to the Madness

With the arrival of spring in Seattle, we see Pike Place Market filling up with fresh flowers, our charming neighborhood streets coming to life and the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament making its return! Each year, March Madness is where dreams are made and hearts are broken as nearly 50 million Americans fill out brackets to compete amongst their friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers. This exciting and engaging basketball tournament captures the attention of even the most casual of sports fans while 64 teams battle their way to the National Championship. The true beauty of March Madness is that anyone who fills out a bracket can win – sports forecasters have essentially no advantage over those who have […]

The Scoop: Celebrating Our Clients Daily

Each year as February rolls around, we start to see bouquets of roses and heart-shaped chocolates filling storefronts in preparation for Valentine’s Day. We watch Oscar-nominated films and hear about movie stars prepping for their big night at the Academy Awards with expert stylists selecting the perfect ball gowns and tuxedos. We gear up for “the big game” (especially when the Seahawks are involved!), celebrate Black History Month, President’s Day and more. February is a month full of celebrations in which thoughtful cards and gifts are exchanged between loved ones and celebratory champagne toasts take center stage. And while these holidays and events give us something to look forward to in this cold winter month, our philosophy is that our […]

The Scoop: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

With a new year, there’s always the temptation to make a big change, whether that be adopting a new workout routine, making a move across the city (or country), or overhauling your company’s branding. However, at Juniper, we stick to the age-old adage: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Since we began as one of the leading private money lenders in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve held true to a simple philosophy: treat people with respect and do our best to make the lending process as simple and pleasurable as possible. When it comes to business, we know there are plenty of people out there that can do their job well. In such a competitive marketplace, it’s no surprise people […]

The Scoop: New Resolutions for the New Year

The holidays give us the opportunity to enjoy good food, spend time with loved ones, and reflect on the past year: our accomplishments, our joys, and our goals going forward. However, while we might create lofty plans for 2017 in the excitement of the season, recent research from the University of Scranton shows that only 8% of us follow through on our resolutions. Here are some of our favorite ways to stick to our resolutions throughout this year and into the next. Define realistic, concrete goals Wanting to lose weight, save more money, and enjoy life to the fullest are popular resolutions, but they lack specificity. With such a generic aim, you don’t know what exactly you’re hoping to achieve, […]

The Scoop: Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Come November, as people dust off their Christmas playlists and decorations and stores stock stuffing and cranberry sauce, it can be difficult to look beyond this year’s upheaval and stress to remember what the holidays are really about. Thanksgiving’s sentiment is in its name, yet it’s easy to forget to be thankful for the chance to fly home to loved ones and share memories and delicious food. For some of us, our friends and family might live in different states (or countries), making this a holiday where we can reconnect, laugh over old memories, and form new ones. For others, our long hours and busy schedules might make home-cooked meals rare, so a chance to indulge on turkey and pie […]

The Scoop: Halloween & Hard Money Lenders

Halloween is upon us, meaning an onslaught of candy, costumes, premature Christmas decorations, and people seeking frights through haunted houses and horror movie marathons. For those new to it, alternative financing can seem just as intimidating, but that’s where the similarities end. Here’s a short list of the misconceptions around Halloween and hard money lending, and why it should be the one thing that doesn’t spook you this holiday season. Both are perceived as scary We’re not going to wear masks and pop out from behind corners to scare you. At Juniper Capital, we’re sophisticated real estate experts that provide opportunities to individuals and entities when conventional lenders can’t. While we appreciate a good horror movie as much as the […]