Twas the night before closing and all through the house,
The only thing stirring was the click of a mouse.
The Juniper team made a loan with great care,
Ensuring the funding of dreams would be there.
Santa’s toy list was growing, but the workshop was small
Without capacity, he wasn’t sure he could fulfill it all,
So rather than fret with disappointment and guilt
He funded with Juniper, for a mega workshop to be built!

When supply chain woes caused a bullwhip effect in kids getting their wished-for toys at Christmas, what parents of the world couldn’t provide themselves became heaped onto Santa and his elves. The lists swelled exponentially and funding to build a bigger workshop in time for Christmas 2022 was prohibitive for Santa’s usual bank. Santa came to Juniper to close the financing to complete the construction of a mega workshop for him and his elves.

As banks tighten their lending parameters and time is of the essence, Juniper strives to provide well-priced private loans to bring great projects to fruition around the Pacific Northwest…(and neighboring poles!).

Loan Type: Construction
Property: Commercial Warehouse
Terms: (That’s between us and Ole St. Nick!)
Region: North Pole
Year: 2022