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The Anatomy of a Deal: Funding in Exceptional Circumstances

The Anatomy of Deal A deep dive into a recently funded commercial loan. Traditionally, this space has been used to address big picture trends and topics in real estate from the perspective of a commercial lender and loan underwriter. This month we have elected an opposite approach with a deep dive into a recently funded deal. In early December, a local developer and commercial property owner came to Juniper while under contract to purchase a hospital and medical office building in Yakima, WA. The property was being purchased out of bankruptcy, resulting in a great price for the client, but a firm timeline for closing as well. The client had previously been working with another private lender who had required […]

Reflections on a Challenging Year

It goes without saying that 2020 did not go as any of us thought it might when we prepared to turn over the calendar a year ago. This year has certainly been filled with challenges as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. But with challenges often come opportunity. On a regional, national, and international level we have shown great resiliency – turning kitchen tables into offices and school desks and turning Zoom meetings into board rooms. Turning to real estate, COVID has impacted the residential and commercial sectors in very different manners. Limited inventory and increased demand have pushed residential real estate prices to all-time highs, especially in “COVID Communities” such as Suncadia and Chelan as buyers have sought more space […]

The Desk of a Lender Has Moved

Here at Juniper Capital, we are excited to announce our move to Downtown Issaquah and our new office on the corner of Front Street and Sunset Way. For the last eight-plus years, Juniper has called Issaquah home and we now look forward to being part of the Downtown Issaquah community. Community has always been a pillar of our business philosophy, and the opportunity to keep our business in the community that the majority of our employees call home was extremely important to us. We focus our lending efforts to the Pacific Northwest because it is the region we know intimately and the region we call home. We recognize that our borrowers have many options when seeking real estate financing, and […]

Reexamining the Lending Landscape Amidst COVID-19

Back in May we took a look at the lending market amidst COVID-19, which at the time was marked by volatility and uncertainty. Fast-forward three months and uncertainty still reigns, as the economic impact of the virus continues. After being inundated with the processing of PPP loans, commercial bankers are slowly getting back to underwriting new commercial real estate loans. However, underwriting requirements continue to be a moving target, making many deals difficult for property owners to get done. Reduced property values, as a result of lost rent, have created another hurdle for those seeking financing on commercial property. On the topic of PPP loans and the economic stimulus provided by the Cares Act, we fear, while an extremely important […]

A Summer Unlike Any Other

While you may not be headed to T-Mobile Park for a Mariner’s matinee, or road-tripping to the Gorge for a live concert, the dog days of summer are still upon us. On both a national and local level, we continue to struggle with controlling the spread of COVID-19 and the corresponding economic recovery. As a result, the commercial real estate industry finds itself at a standstill. While some deals are still getting done, per Collier’s Multi-Family Team, investment sales in the Puget Sound region are down 367% year over year. As investors wisely take a “wait and see” approach, we see no reason to use this space to add to the doom and gloom hanging over the economy and the […]

Economic Recovery in the Wake of Coronavirus: What to Expect?

With business re-openings afoot, the focus shifts to recovery. As the initial wave of lockdowns begins to ease in phases, the conversation surrounding the economy has shifted to recovery. Re-openings locally and nationally have spurred improved consumer confidence. Fueled by a federal stimulus package, strong rehiring led to 2.5 million workers added to company payrolls in May. However, in recent weeks, increases in new cases of COVID-19 have dampened some of that optimism. Economic Recovery Predictions While predictions continue to vary widely, several notable economists and investment firms have recently weighed in on the future of the economy. We explore a few predictions here. The “V-Shaped Recovery” Morgan Stanley doubled down this week on its prediction of a “sharp but […]

A View of the Lending Landscape During COVID-19

The current lending climate, much like the economy as a whole, is marked by volatility and uncertainty. Investors and lenders are subsequently taking a “wait and see” approach as stay-at-home orders are extended and the timeline for economic reopening remains uncertain. Rates are Low, with a Catch With the Fed dropping rates to near zero, mortgage rates have fallen to near all-time lows. However, banks have simultaneously increased their underwriting requirements, and jumbo and cash-out refinance products have all but dried up. This means that consumers’ access to these low rates is extremely limited. Many lenders have suspended home equity lines of credit, limiting a property owner’s access to the amount of liquidity on their property’s equity. On the commercial […]

Seattle’s Loss is the Eastside’s Gain

As we mentioned in a prior post late last year, many tech employers are beginning to look to Bellevue and the Eastside for their office needs. Amazon has been in the real estate news a lot lately. The tech giant announced that it anticipates 15,000 employees in Bellevue in the next few years. It stands to reason that a continually rocky relationship with the City of Seattle and the Seattle City Council may be driving this move of personnel; Councilmember Kshama Swant recently unveiled a new proposed payroll tax designed largely to target Amazon. Amazon’s plans for Bellevue offices would result in seven times more Amazon employees working in Bellevue than are currently there, and pull from the company’s current […]

2020 Outlook – Housing Shortage and Continued Concerns with Affordability

As we begin a new decade, there is significant reason for optimism in the real estate market. However, two key issues will need to be addressed: the current housing shortage and concerns over affordability. Per research, “In the millennial ear of economic expansion (2012-2019), a total of 5.92 million single-family homes have been constructed. Over the same eight-year period, 9.76 million new households have been formed.” This under-building has resulted in a gap of 3.84 million new homes, creating significant demand; at the same time, affordability has become an issue, especially in thriving markets such as Seattle and Portland. According to a recently released report by the non-profit group Up For Growth, Washington State fell 225,000 housing units short […]

Opportunity in the Lilac City

As we turn the calendar to 2020, Spokane is one of the hottest real estate markets in the state and the country. Spokane, a once maligned market, has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Per Zillow research, Spokane home prices have increased 11.8% over the last year, and 8% appreciation is projected for 2020. Seemingly forgotten due to the attention given to the Seattle area markets over the last several years, Spokane may offer real estate investors an abundance of opportunity in the New Year. Why such significant growth and opportunity in Spokane? Affordability With a $224,300 median sales price, as compared to $718,500 in Seattle (per Zillow), Spokane offers opportunity for first time home […]