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Private Lending for Seattle, Puget Sound & Washington State

Juniper Capital funds Seattle real estate loans through private money or hard money lending programs. As a premier hard money lender serving Northwest property investors, we provide a fast turnaround on investment residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate loans in Seattle and throughout Washington state. Juniper’s private real estate loans allow Seattle investors to close quickly and securely on quality real estate investments.

For more information on our rates, or if you are interested in hard money loans in Washington state that will allow you to close quickly on your real estate transactions, contact Juniper Capital today.

Seattle Real Estate Loans

Even when conventional lenders turn away or waste valuable time, Juniper can provide fast alternative financing to secure your property investment. Every Seattle real estate loan is unique, and timing is everything when it comes to funding Seattle property purchases or construction projects. At Juniper Capital, we believe in forthright communication and honesty.

We pride ourselves on a personal approach and an open mind when it comes to funding Seattle real estate loans. Our candor and character have helped us establish a network of long-lasting relationships not only in Seattle but across the Northwest. We are proud to fund the very best commercial, construction, and investment residential real estate loans in Seattle and its surrounding areas.

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At Juniper Capital, we would be proud to fund your real estate investment in Seattle, Puget Sound and Washington State. Contact us today to get started.