Investing in commercial real estate is a complex venture that is difficult even for experts to succeed at, but the rewards can be invaluable. From business executives to entrepreneurs, most investors need funding for an undertaking of this size, and the amount needed is often greater than personal finances will allow. But borrowing money can be an intimidating, stressful process. Who do you turn to for advice? How do you find the best possible rate? As leading private money lenders in the Pacific Northwest, we understand and want you to know you have options! The days of depending solely on conventional financial institutions for money lending are over.

Though initially you may think a bank loan is the best choice for you, alternative financing could be the solution to help turn your ideas into opportunities. With conventional money lending options, you can expect a complicated and lengthy approval process – sometimes over 90 days! – rigid down payments, high pre-payment penalty fees and more headache-inducing hoops to jump through. Banks are often constrained by loan products and underwriting guidelines that don’t always fit your circumstances, plus bank loan officers are incentivized to maximize profits while pushing as much of the risk as possible onto you, the borrower.

Not impressed? Luckily, in today’s marketplace, borrowers have more options than ever thanks to alternative lenders. At Juniper Capital, we understand that each individual’s situation is unique and we are proud to offer alternative solutions to our clients. We strive to create lasting relationships with our borrowers and we believe that successful business partnerships result from industry savvy, integrity, hard work and a personal touch – that’s the Juniper Capital difference.

It’s our goal to see you succeed because when you do, we succeed too! When you choose to take out a private commercial real estate loan with us, we treat you with honesty and respect; we collaborate with you to come up with the most reasonable, beneficial terms for you. We work hard to position ourselves ahead of conventional lenders with competitive rates, individual client attention and a faster loan turnaround. We’re flexible, we’re creative and we make things simple so you end up spending less money on fees and closing costs than you would when borrowing from a bank. It’s our mission to help smart investors like you obtain prime commercial real estate in a timely, secure manner with peace-of-mind, even when conventional lenders turn you away. At Juniper Capital, we aren’t just your lender, we’re your business partner – we’re in this together.

We invite investors, borrowers and brokers to experience the ease of our private money lending process. Contact us to learn more about how alternative financing could be the solution you’re looking for. Let us help you turn that “no” into a “yes” at Juniper Capital Corp. Funding tomorrow, today.