Kiplinger Personal Finance recently reported on the 12 best housing markets for 2012. Factors in the ranking included strengthening economies, below-average unemployment, and increased buyer confidence. Seattle, WA was among the 12 strongest seller’s markets last year, indicating positive news for the real estate industry and property investments in Washington and the region, according to Pat Esswein, associate editor for Kiplinger’s personal finance magazine.

Additionally, Washington state charted the fourth fastest growing economy in 2012, based on GDP (gross domestic product) growth. Washington saw a 3.6% increase in GDP, according to a 24/7 Wall St. article written by Alexander Hess and Michael Sauter. Oregon’s 2012 growth ranked third at 3.9%, compared to a 2.5% growth in the national economy.

These are two prime indicators for the advantages of real estate investment in Washington and nationally. For timely real estate loans contact Juniper Capital, the area’s top hard money lenders.