One of the most important elements of a successful business relationship is trust. It’s the glue that binds business and a proven recipe for positive growth. But modern business can be a cutthroat venture and there are people who take advantage of the slightest misstep. So, how do you establish trust in a business interaction? And, what makes a company or client trustworthy?

First of all, don’t discount your instincts. Trust your ability to sense the character of the person in front of you. That’s not to say you should trust every smiling face and sturdy handshake. But, chances are, you can pick up on red flags that signal trouble. If you are unable to meet someone face-to-face, be more careful accepting integrity simply from emails. A phone call may be a better indicator of who you are dealing with. Ask as many questions as you need to satisfy your curiosity. Thorough communication is an excellent way to establish trust and gauge a person’s knowledge of the business at hand. If someone shows a deep understanding of your business needs and how they should be met, it is a solid first step towards trust.

In this age of data and technology, it is also important to research who you are doing business with. And it’s quicker and easier than you might think. Trustworthy businesses leave a track record of positive feedback. Look into a business ratings service, industry chatter, and don’t hesitate to survey trusted business colleagues about their experiences. Nobody is perfect, but you can get a good idea of a company’s business practices with very reasonable amount of effort.

Finally, don’t be shy. Ask the client or company you are working with to provide data about their business. A company that pays attention to detail will be able to share feedback about recent projects, as well as some overarching performance analysis. You can’t expect a representative to give you a full peek “behind the curtain,” but pay attention to how and what they share.

At Juniper Capital Corporation, we place a lot of value on trust. We understand that each real estate investment is unique, so we treat every client with honesty and respect. We pride ourselves on quality loan decisions and forthright communication. That is how we maintain lasting relationships with our investors, clients, and colleagues. Ask around. You’ll find you can trust Juniper Capital’s integrity when it comes to business and personal interactions.

We didn’t become one of the top hard money lenders in Seattle, WA and the greater Pacific Northwest without outstanding customer service and carefully developed business relationships. Contact us today and discover how we can help you close fast on real estate in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.