It’s May in the Pacific Northwest and judging by the rising temperatures and pesky allergies, spring is in full bloom. It’s been so warm actually that it makes you wonder if we just fast-forwarded straight to summer.

Spring is a time of transition, as apparent by the flowers and trees coming to life across the region. And there is perhaps no greater spring transition than high school and college graduations taking place during the coming months.

For high school students, graduation means an opportunity to spread their wings and taste the freedom of leaving the nest for college. For college graduates, Graduation Day means entry into the real world. It’s a time to look to the future, a time to think about investing in a better life. It’s a time to think about options. As you know, at Juniper Capital we know all about investing in the future. That’s why we supply alternative financing for real estate investments, so investors have options to shape their future.

But I digress… no discussion of May would be complete without mentioning Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8… Don’t forget). Where would we be without mom? In honor of both grads and moms, here’s a short list of the Things Grads Miss Most About Dear Old Mom when they leave for school:

  1. Home-Cooked Meals. It doesn’t take many bowls of Top Ramen or Lucky Charms to miss sitting down to a real meal.
  2. Laundry. I’ve ruined a lot of white shirts trying to avoid splitting my laundry into two loads.
  3. Wake-up Calls. Grads, for all the times you buried your head under your pillow when mom yelled to get up for school, you will miss it when you wake up at 8:55 for 9:00 exam.
  4. Personal Assistant. Sometimes it takes growing up and moving away to truly appreciate all the little things moms do for us. Did you know dentist and doctor appointments don’t schedule themselves?
  5. Free Rent. If mom and dad’s rules seem burdensome, just wait until you see how burdensome rent, insurance, and utilities can be.
  6. A Good Piece of Advice. Fortunately, mom is always a phone call away. Even though you’d like to think you’ve got it all figured out it doesn’t take too long on your own to realize you don’t.
  7. A Hug. No matter how old you get, life will throw things at you that only mom can make better… like getting drenched head to toe by a wave of slush from a snowplow on your way to class (this comes from personal experience).
  8. A Good Conversation. Don’t forget that your mom misses you because, no matter how old you get or independent you feel, you will always be her baby. So call your mom, even just to say hello, and not just on Mother’s Day. It will mean the world to her. And based on this list, don’t you think she’s earned it?
  9. A Song. Who doesn’t like singing Purple Rain with their mom? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. RIP Prince.