We all know how the saying goes – “April showers bring May flowers”, but in the Northwest, it seems that April showers just bring more showers. During the long, dark and dreary winter (and even spring) months, the memories of basking in the Seattle sun become a bit fuzzy, and it seems the only thing we can do to cope is cozy up with a warm cup of coffee and hope for drier, brighter days ahead. This year especially, we deserve a round of applause, because we survived the coldest winter in 32 years, not to mention the wettest February in over 50 years!

But just when we think we can’t handle one more rainy, overcast day, the clouds slowly begin to dissipate, and blue skies make their grand entrance as golden rays of sunshine stream down upon The Emerald City. Isn’t it amazing how even the smallest about of sun and warmth can change our perspective and attitude? Good weather is an instant mood-booster. We watch as the city comes to life, with food trucks popping up in friendly neighborhoods, people flocking to patios and parks, and our stunning backdrop of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound becoming visible again.

Much like the cold, dark and rainy days we endure each winter in Seattle, it may seem like a drab, daunting task to navigate through finding the right private money lender for your commercial, construction, multi-family residential or investment-grade real estate investment. With so many options and information being rained down on you, it’s hard to fight the urge to put up your defenses, much like an umbrella, and block out the storm.

Finally finding a private money lender that is honest, forthright and steadfastly committed to serving you as a client is like watching the clouds part and feeling the sun break through. Working with a company like Juniper Capital, who makes the private money lending process easy and brings you peace-of-mind can completely change your perspective and attitude, much like those rays of sunshine and clear skies that we so long for in the PNW.

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