The holidays usher in an exciting, cheerful time of year, but all the hustle and bustle can have many feeling bogged down. Read the tips below from the private money lenders at Juniper Capital to not just survive, but thrive this holiday season!

  1. Take a Deep Breath. Instead of focusing on buying presents this holiday season, focus on being present. The holidays can be stressful – from last minute travel plans to avoiding Aunt Judy’s fruit cake – but rather than getting caught up in the chaos, try to be mindful and fully present. Take a few deep breaths, do what you can and forget the rest.
  2. Get Organized. This holiday season, take Kris Kringle’s advice: make a list and check it twice (or more!). A well-made to-do list will help you navigate through the holidays with ease. Find a bit of time to sit down with a calendar and make a list of upcoming events, gifts to buy, appointments, end-of year-deadlines, etc. Your holiday list will help you divide and conquer, discover your priorities and reduce holiday tension. Plus, you’ll feel extra accomplished when you get to check something off your list.
  3. Use Technology. Don’t be stuck in the past this holiday season, let technology be your guide! Shopping online allows you to find the perfect gifts while staying warm and cozy, and these days, there’s an app for almost anything – booking travel, ordering food, creating e-invites and more.
  4. Go Ahead, Celebrate. Ultimately, the holiday season is about celebrating with loved ones. Dive into those rich, long-standing traditions with friends and family, enjoy holiday music and raise a glass to celebrate this beautiful time of year. We know we will!

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