Who’s ready for another year of summer fun? Ready or not, it’s here! It’s getting warmer, the kids are antsy for the end of school, parents are frantically making sure summer camp schedules and vacations jive with work schedules and some unfortunate people, like myself, who don’t have A/C are running fans to cool off the house on the hot summer nights. (Kurt just bought three Vornados, which he swears by!)

No complaints here though. I could live the summer life 365 days a year. One thing I miss though is the Popsicle Man! Who remembers that jingle? As a kid, you could hear it from a mile away. I remember listening every day as I slid my way down the slip-n-slide and as soon as we all heard that jubilant music, we would make a mad dash to rummage through the house digging for loose change in every couch cushion and hiding spot to get one of those Red, White and Blue Rocket Pops! Kids came out of the woodwork when the Popsicle Man came around! Where is that little Jeep nowadays anyway? Those special summer memories are things we all have in common…

Oh, I almost forgot, another exciting thing that happened this June is we moved Juniper Capital into a new office space. Luckily, the move was fast and easy. As you know, it can be a challenge to keep a business running seamlessly while in the midst of moving, but we managed to do it smoothly and we are all set-up and organized in our new location… with air conditioning!Phew!

We are still located in Issaquah, just minutes away from our previous “home.” I recently heard that the average commute time in Seattle is 45 minutes each way, so we all feel extremely lucky that everyone in our office lives within minutes of their homes.

Stop by and see us if you are in the neighborhood… and stay cool this summer!

Juniper Capital Corp.
22500 SE 64th Place
Suite 230
Issaquah, WA 98027

kerry.thumbKerry Travers
Juniper Capital
Vice President of Marketing

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