Sunset Magazine recently published an article naming the West’s “24 Best Places to Live and Work” for 2014. Juniper Capital’s own Issaquah, WA, was selected as the “Best ‘Burb” winner. Seattle was the runner-up and reader’s pick for the “Best Place to Launch a Career.” Several other Northwest locations were among the article’s six winners and 18 runner-ups.

Sunset writers cited “1,700 acres of parkland, walkable neighborhoods, historic buildings, and increasingly urban amenities,” as some of Issaquah’s more distinctive characteristics, claiming that the town’s development as a “compact, sustainably built community (is) a good model for how a suburb can grow without losing its sense of place.”

Juniper Capital is pleased to be part of such a vibrant community (pop. 32,633). That’s why we opened our new offices in downtown Issaquah in 2013. With excellent schools and convenient access to Seattle, Issaquah is a great place to do business and a prime spot for real estate investing.

For career seekers, Sunset offered Seattle (pop. 634,535) because of, you guessed it, “Microsoft, Amazon, and start-ups.” Plus, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment, according to article, is almost half of what you would pay in San Francisco. Wow!

Bellingham, WA, Boise, ID, and Portland, OR were some of the other Northwest cities mentioned in the piece. Sunset Magazine bills itself as “Your Guide to Living in the West,” so cities east of the Mississippi were not considered. Nonetheless, authors Miranda Crowell, Peter Fish, Aislyn Greene, Matthew Jaffe, Sarah Max, and Andrea Minarcek obviously enjoy the beauty and attitude of the Pacific Northwest.

Juniper Capital is proud to offer hard money loans in Seattle and the surrounding area. We also provide funding for real estate investments in Portland, OR and Boise, ID.