The moment the calendar strikes September it seems summer is long past us. We all quickly, maybe to our demise, transition to the fall season. Every blog, news article, clothing advertisement confirms this transition. There’s no escaping the onset of autumn!

September brings the start of the school year and to many parents this is a welcomed reprieve with a return to a routine and schedule. Mornings, however, are probably more hectic with breakfast to serve, kids to dress, shoes to find and transportation to catch. Calendars are quickly filled with extracurricular activities for kids and adults alike, activities that took a break for the summer months. It can feel overwhelming. There’s an old analogy however, that a freight truck drives straighter with a loaded bed. I always find this true of myself. I’m more productive and useful when I don’t have a moment to spare. I bet the majority of us find this is true, whether we like it or not.

I started the fall in full-productivity mode, even if it was unintentional. Labor Day weekend we celebrated our son’s birthday, working on our “in-process” DIY bathroom remodel and then my husband decided to throw another job into the plan. He went to Home Depot, the land of endless home improvement potential, and came home with much more than the one item on his list. Sound familiar? Why not build a closet organizer in our spare bedroom right now? Sweat equity, he calls it. I personally think my husband is trying to clear his calendar for football and I don’t blame him!

Regardless if September brings a daunting change of pace or not, there is always growing anticipation for a new season. Co-workers return from summer vacations and life in the office and at home takes on a familiar beat. The Pacific Northwest begins to bear red and orange foliage, crisp refreshing air and all things pumpkin appear in cafés. If you’re not into pumpkin, Octoberfest is on the horizon and pairs perfectly with a tailgating party.

So, whether you’re celebrating the return to school, multiple home improvements or just managing this busy calendar season, let’s all raise a pumpkin spice latte or harvest beer because the 12’s are ready to play!