It’s the time of year for calendar-busting social engagements, holiday parties, family traditions and general craziness. The season leaves many of us with a whirlwind aftermath of foggy brains! Then the New Year rushes in and the talk of resolutions by everyone leaves us crying for mercy. New Year’s resolutions? How about a vacation!

The word “resolution” is so absolute and stress-inducing. I propose a new approach that I’ve been doing, a New Year’s Bucket List.  Bucket lists allow for imperfection and more flexible timing. True it can promote procrastination… but hey, everyone has busy lives, the unexpected comes up. So, what would make 2016 great for you either in your career or personal life? Go ahead and throw it onto your new bucket list.

We are expecting our second son next year. As such, my husband’s and my bucket list the last 6 months of this year was to take advantage of spending time with our first born, by doing fun activities that will be more challenging with a baby next year. Cue up budget-busting traveling, our first trip to a full length movie, our first Seahawk’s game as a family, the ballet, and some long day trips to local attractions.

However, I’ll be honest, we procrastinated on some of our bucket list during the first six months of this year. Remember that DIY bathroom remodel? Umm… the bathtub drain broke and flooded our bathroom below in our basement… last Christmas Eve! Yes, that was Christmas 2014. We “think” we will finally get around to finishing the last half of the remodel after this Christmas. Our bathtub will be out of commission for over a year. But I digress and that’s why it’s called a bucket list, not a resolution!

Whatever your New Year’s plans entail, we all wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and holiday season of celebration. Enjoy your time with loved ones, family or friends, and take the time to slow down for a few moments to enjoy what makes life sweet for you. If you find yourself still searching for that last minute Christmas gift for someone, try gifting an experience, whether to a future play, concert, game, cooking class, or dinner. You never know, you might check a box on someone else’s bucket list.

Have a Happy Holiday season!