Football season is back! It’s time to bust out your tailgating gear and cheer on the Seahawks (or whichever team you’re rooting for)! While we enjoy the NFL for entertainment purposes, watching football can also teach some valuable lessons to help improve your financial situation, believe it or not! Here are four money-smart takeaways you can gain from observing your favorite team.

  1. Build a Strong Defense. It’s important to build a strong defense against the things most likely to cost you the “game”. Invest in an emergency fund, purchase solid insurance plans, etc. You cannot sit back and wait for catastrophic events to dictate the actions you should take. Take initiative and take control! 
  1. Find a Quarterback Who Can Score. You don’t need a hotshot quarterback who makes big, flashy plays. You need a private money lender you can rely on, someone you know has your best interest at heart and can consistently score, like the professionals at Juniper Capital. We strive to create lasting relationships with our borrowers and believe that your financial success can be achieved with industry savvy, integrity, hard work and a collaborative partnership.
  1. Always Have a Game Plan. Winning teams always have a plan and are able to adapt and adjust their plan as the game progresses. If you want to make the metaphorical touchdown of your financial goals, it’s smart to make a foolproof plan and stick with it the best you can. If your circumstances change significantly, call a timeout and make any necessary changes. 
  1. Don’t Give Up at Halftime. How many football games have you been to that seem to be heading in the direction of a loss for your team, only to turn into a completely different game in the second half? In your own financial situation, it’s’ never too late to pull off a win, especially with the help of Juniper Capital!

At Juniper Capital, we’re in this together. We’re on your team and it’s our greatest goal to see you succeed. Contact us to learn more about how private money lending, private commercial real estate loans and more could be the solutions you’re looking for. Juniper Capital Corp. Funding tomorrow, today.