Juniper Capital is a private money lender based out of Issaquah Washington. We’re in the business of helping real estate investors achieve their dreams through private financing. We fund projects that banks may otherwise turn away from, and structure loans in five-to-ten business days rather than five-to-ten weeks.

Our real estate financing services include:

Business at Juniper revolves around our people, and we consistently invest in ourselves because we believe you’re never too old to continue learning. The real estate market is constantly changing, so we make sure that we change with it. Juniper Capital is a proud member of the following organizations, amongst others:

Every borrower’s need is different, so when we underwrite a deal we provide multiple unique structures to the borrower which we think will allow them to be successful. We genuinely care about funding loans where both parties achieve their goals – our borrower’s testimonials can attest to that, and so does the fact that our borrowers return to Juniper to fund their next projects.

Through this client-centric approach, we’ve earned our status as an industry leader for alternative financing and hard money lending throughout the Pacific Northwest. We provide private capital funding in:

From mom-and-pop investors to multi-million-dollar real estate investors, our borrowers trust us to be efficient and fast. We only fund a portion of the loan requests we receive because we don’t fund loans unless they create win-win outcomes. By aligning our interest with our borrower’s, we’re able to understand their project and treat them with trust and transparency.

Our track record demonstrates the way we care for our borrowers, the communities we work in, and the communities we live in. Call us to experience the Juniper difference – what will you fund today?