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Northwest Private Real Estate Financing

Our Philosophy to Private Money Lending

Our approach to private money lending in Seattle, and the Northwest, is to only fund loans that will result in all parties being successful. At Juniper Capital, we care whether our borrower is going to be successful or not – that’s the Juniper difference. Through this client-centric approach, we have become an industry leader for alternative financing and hard money lending throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

At Juniper, we have built great opportunities for our borrowers by creating win-win private money loans that allow all parties involved to both meet and exceed their needs. We simply don’t fund a loan unless we believe all parties will be successful. As a private lender, we have the ability to be flexible and creative when structuring loan proposals, as well as equity partnerships to take your project from concept to reality.

Giving back, so everyone can move forward.

A Community Approach

Based out of the city of Issaquah Washington, we provide best in-class private money lending services in an area surrounded by the beauty of the Great Northwest. We have over two decades of experience providing private lending and real estate financing in this region, resulting in a track record of success and a reputation for trust and transparency. Through local volunteerism and sponsorships, we strive to make vibrant the communities in which we live and work.

At Juniper Capital, our business is about people. Our offices are located in downtown Issaquah, WA and we are dedicated to supporting our local and regional community. Juniper Capital is a member of CBA, NAIOP, Master Builder’s Assocation, Clarity to Win, and the Washington Bankers Association, and a proud sponsor of the following efforts:

The Juniper Capital Partner Network

Juniper’s partner network helps our customers by extending the value of our relationships with our partner’s supporting services, enhancing and creating more opportunities. At Juniper Capital, client success is priority number one, and our partner network is key in helping us meet and exceed the unique needs of our customers.