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Juniper Capital Provides Fast, Flexible Financing. Not hold music.

When it comes to real estate financing, there is a difference between traditional lenders and private lenders. Juniper is that difference. We believe each customer deserves a customized approach to their project, one size does not fit all. When you contact Juniper, know that you will speak to a real person who can discuss your loan in depth and provide a solution that works both for your timeline and your bottom line.

As a private lender, we have the ability to be flexible and creative when structuring loan proposals, creating win-win scenarios that allow all parties involved to both meet and exceed their needs. We simply don’t fund a loan unless we believe all parties will be successful.

So if you are tired of waiting on hold, waiting to hear back, or waiting for a decision, it might be time to call Juniper and get your project off the ground. There is an alternative.

Juniper offers competitive terms on a variety of loan types.

Rates: 9-11% interest only
Fees: 2 – 5 points
Loan amounts: $500,000 up to $30,000,000
Terms: 6 months to 3 years with no prepayment penalty
Recourse: Negotiable
Lien position: 1st
Property types: All property types except for owner-occupied residential
Quick closings: 5-7 business days

Loans Types Including:
Commercial Property Purchase and Refinance
Single Family Residential Non-Owner-Occupied Purchase and Refinance
Commercial and Residential Construction
Multifamily Residential Purchase, Refinance and Construction
Land Development

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Financing throughout the west

Juniper is based in the Seattle area, but we fund loans in the greater Pacific Northwest, Montana, Hawaii, and the Mountain Pacific region. There is only one was to see if your project is a fit. Let's talk.


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