Alternative real estate financing certainly gained momentum in 2014, thanks to the continuing reticence of traditional lenders to fund real estate investments in a consistent and timely manner. As our economy steadily improves, private money lenders will continue to gain popularity in 2015. Serious investors have learned that private money provides a more creative, less bureaucratic alternative to close quickly on valuable real estate opportunities.

A quality private money lender understands that each client is unique and timing is everything. That is why Juniper Capital has been successful in the Pacific Northwest. Juniper Capital welcomes real estate loans that exceed conventional lending standards. Custom metrics and less red tape make it possible to structure private funding around individual financial circumstances. Lending rates are adjusted per project so that fair and competitive financing is available for almost any type of property investment.

Read this PR Newswire article about a New York City hedge fund, which manages close to $1 billion, that recently researched alternative investment strategies and identified the returns and asset quality in private money lending as a way to efficiently grow its portfolio.

In the piece, R&F Commercial Debt and Equity founder Steve Ross states, “We are still seeing an abundance of opportunity for our clients to purchase distressed real estate and reposition it to sell for a profit… Overall economic factors seem to be improving, contributing to what looks like a rebounding market. With this new infusion of capital, (we are) well-positioned to create and invest in more diverse opportunities.”

Keep Juniper Capital in mind for your real estate opportunities in 2015. We provide high quality private money loans in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, based on integrity, hard work, and industry savvy. When conventional lenders turn away or take too much time, Juniper Capital listens and strives to offer creative solutions that work.