As that chill in the air creeps in, we enthusiastically welcome the beginning of football season starting now!  It’s no secret that the team at Juniper is especially keen on PAC-12 football, so much that we’ve been supporting it (again) with a little advertising.

Business strategy is often compared to the game football, and in our world, and we live the metaphor daily! It’s definitely the most nimble who succeed: being quick-minded and responsive will result in opportunity. Our office fosters the team huddle, and our athletes deploy their stealthy playbook for successful funding. Competition can be brutal, and our clients just want a chance to score a touchdown in the form of financing. We see the parallels between the work we do and the beloved game of football. The goal for us: To play smarter on the field and lock in wins.

A football game and funding a deal can both start out fun, but frustration can set in if you’re on the “losing” team.  This is where an experienced coach—in our case, your Juniper advisor—makes all the difference. Private loans in commercial real estate require skill, accuracy, and a proven track record of satisfied customers. Detailed forms, contracts and negotiations demand strategy for success, and the play-by-play to keep you informed. We have you covered.

Our pre-game means meeting with you to explain how the entire funding process works and what to expect before you get started.  We methodically follow our playbook when reviewing substantial funding opportunities; putting a private loan into action doesn’t happen until you are comfortable with terms. We have refined our game to keep our clients working with the Juniper team time and again.

Avoid fumbles. With Juniper you’ll find documentation done right the first time, deadlines met, and excellent, responsive service. In football, you wouldn’t give the ball to someone on your team who might hog it and risk failure, right? Instead, you’d build in reinforcements to collaboratively assist in accomplishing the team goal field-wide, and the same is true at Juniper. The adage “teamwork makes the dream work” applies to sports and business! We are here to help make your deal go smoothly, and to make sure your proposed investment pencils out for funding.

When you’re ready to fund with us, it’s time for the blitz! We all-out blast our team into structuring a loan that is comfortable for you and helps get your deal done. Whether it’s for the purchase of commercial real estate, a development loan or other financing to close funding gaps in your deal, we strive for that end-zone celebration—the big win!  Get in the game! What will you fund next?

If you’re seeking quality commercial real estate investments throughout the Pacific Northwest, we’re here to help. Juniper Capital provides private real estate financing, including hard money loans for commercial, construction, multifamily residential opportunities and more. If you would like more information on this topic, call us today.