Mothers: We’ve all got them. Whether biological, adopted, step, or a chosen “mother from another,” Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8. Without question we appreciate our super moms every single day, whether still with us or long departed.

We have brainstormed so many things that make moms so special, and we can’t possibly list all their wonderful gestures here. We can try to list a few, though! Thank you, mom for:

  1. For being the first person to instill in us a love of books and reading.
  2. Your empathy. Thank you for always being a comforting shoulder when it’s needed most.
  3. For countless diaper changes, wiped noses, potty-training and scrape-bandaging.
  4. For hanging onto so much of my childhood art (you don’t have to keep it all; it’s okay!).
  5. For being the target of way too many April fools pranks (and still laughing in the end).
  6. For all your effort in getting us dressed, fed and off to school each day.
  7. Thank you for those first haircuts: those buzzes, bobs, and “bowl” cuts!
  8. For teaching us to ride a bike and knowing when the training wheels were ready to come off.
  9. For letting us win at games like “go fish!”
  10. For your patience as we learned to drive (really, you’re a saint).
  11. For sensing when we’re blue and making us feel better, even when we don’t ask for it.
  12. For always making us feel loved, and saying it, too.
  13. For teaching us about doing what we say – keeping your word – because integrity matters.
  14. For your patience as we learned to drive (really, you’re all saints).
  15. For deftly breaking up spats between siblings: You have a black belt in “tongue fu!”
  16. For hearing out our hopes and dreams without judgment.
  17. Because you are fearless in confronting things and people head-on.
  18. For being an example of how we should manage our everyday life: with drive and purpose.
  19. For teaching us to follow a budget and stick to it; living within your means is a huge life lesson.
  20. For teaching us to write thank-you notes, set a table, and say “please.”
  21. For accepting us no matter how flawed we are (and taking our apologies when we mess up).
  22. Your candor: No filter when our chosen outfit looks ridiculous or doesn’t fit an occasion.
  23. You created great memories for us, gifts of your attention that we’ll carry for life.
  24. Our successes come from the right foundation you provided.
  25. You have supported us, unconditionally, in every BIG life decision.

From all of us at Juniper, THANK YOU for putting us here! We love our mamas. Happy Mother’s Day!