Real estate blogger Richard Bazinet sights speed, ease, and flexibility as prime reasons for choosing hard money loans from private money lenders like Juniper Capital Corp. “The requirements to qualify are often low and the speed of the loan process is quite fast. So fast that it can be done in days, versus 30 to 45 days for traditional loans. Additionally, it does not get any more flexible in the mortgage lender business. In the end, you can purchase what you really want in a timely manner.”

Bazinet continues, “Did you know that if you get a mortgage loan from a mortgage broker, that it is likely from a private investor or a private investment fund? Well, many hard money loans and private loans are about the same. Except you deal directly with a portfolio manager.

These private money loans are generally customized to your particular situation and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and conditions and they allow you to get into real estate purchases that you may not be able to in traditional mortgage lending.”

Read more in Bazinet’s article, “6 Reasons to Consider Hard Money Lenders.” He explains private money loans and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.

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