The height of summer in the Pacific Northwest usually happens in August. The sun comes out, the temperature is warm and there’s a vague reminder that fall is just around the corner. August puts a fire under us all to get out and enjoy traditional summer activities. The start of August is heralded by SeaFair weekend in Seattle. It’s a weekend filled with outdoor activities as the community comes together to rally and root for their favorite hydroplane racer, seek out the best view of the Blue Angels, tour navy ships and BBQ with friends and family. When the sun is out… Seattleites take advantage of it!

My favorite spectacle has always been the Blue Angels. My husband and I planned to introduce our son to the Blue Angels this year, but a leaky bathtub and flooded bathroom threw a wet monkey wrench in those plans. Ah, the joys of homeownership… but I digress. Summer is in the air and we still have picnics and parks to visit, bike rides to get gelato and pre-season football to watch!

Every year pre-season brings new optimism and excitement. Slates are clean as seasoned and rookie players take the field. It’s a new team with new strengths and weaknesses. College camps also got underway this month. I can’t help but get excited for college football Saturdays. I may divide our readership here, but in our house, we root for the Huskies. This will be Chris Peterson’s second season at UW and it will be interesting to see how he reforms the team after losing four defensive players to the NFL draft. Plus, the Huskies opening challenge is a road game against Peterson’s former team Boise State on September 4.

Not a Husky fan? Well, how about those Seahawks? They’re arguably the best team in the NFL and who isn’t rooting for a third consecutive trip to the Super Bowl? The Hawks made us hold our breath (and me question the jersey I bought our son) before they finally signed our favorite quarterback #3 Russell Wilson to a four year extension. Some questioned the contract for such a young player, but his success speaks for itself. He’s a solid player with die-hard ambition. Off the field you’ll find him serving our children in the community. Russell Wilson is a player we can all be proud is a Seahawk!

As summer winds down, finish up your summer activity list before it’s too late and start donning your team colors. There’s something completely satisfying to stand next to a perfect stranger in the stands and root for the same team in unison. You’re best friends for those few hours.

I look forward to making a few new friends at CenturyLink Field this year!