This article by staff reporter Mark Holan of the Washington Business Journal, describes how one ambitious hard money lender is branching out to meet the demand for alternative real estate lending across the eastern U.S., including the “other” Washington.

The housing market in the District of Columbia is on an upward swing, similar to commercial real estate in the Pacific Northwest. By offering convenient private money loans, lenders like Juniper Capital can help investors secure profitable real estate investments quickly in a flourishing market.

As Holan reports: “(Hard money) lending decisions are usually made in just a few days without the tedious underwriting hurdles of banks. That allows investors to buy properties for cash, often before they are posted in real estate listings.”

Juniper Capital is a private money lender in Seattle, specializing in fast, convenient commercial real estate loans for the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon and Idaho. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date about financial indicators in the U.S., so you have the tools to make solid, beneficial investment decisions.

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