Following the success of last year’s intern program, we are once again pleased to introduce our newest team member and intern, Blake. Blake will be a junior next year at Washington State University (WSU) and is looking forward to pursuing a career in real estate. He will be assisting the Juniper team with a variety of research projects and tasks related to our private lending services over the summer break. We are excited to have Blake on board and eager to see the perspective he brings to this dynamic space.

As a student at WSU, I am excited to enter my junior year, understanding the importance of hard work and the power of connections in influencing one’s career path. Observing our senior class secure jobs in major cities through their networks has reinforced the value of these relationships in achieving professional success. Through my work as the Social Chair of my fraternity, I have honed my leadership, scheduling, and patience skills. These opportunities have allowed me to face challenges head-on, providing experiences that will align me well for my internship and beyond.

Beginning this internship, the Juniper team, led by Kurt Ursich, welcomed me with open arms, significantly easing my anxiety about this new challenge. During my initial days, I shadowed Jared Grose, who provided a solid introduction to the world of private lending, deepening my interest in the capital markets field. He has identified my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to continue excelling and helping me in areas of need.

Growing up with my father and stepmother heading up careers in commercial real estate, I have been inspired to pursue a similar path, leading me to explore private lending as a unique angle. I’m eager to understand the distinctions between private and conventional lending, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. For now, I’m focused on grasping the basics, as there is so much for me to learn. The upcoming weeks hold the potential to unlock numerous opportunities, aligning with my goal to learn how to engage in professional conversations and take incremental steps toward a future in business.

Having only been on the job for a short time, my tasks have been minimal. That’s not an issue, as I know these are baby steps in preparing me for the business world. I hope to learn as much as I can during my internship, but I believe hands-on sales and financial analysis experience are imperative for a future in real estate. Every day has provided me the opportunity to understand more about the pivotal points of this industry and its processes. I look forward to understanding how an organization like Juniper works, their marketing strategy, client engagement tactics, and underwriting strategies. I aim to contribute to the best of my abilities and gain hands-on experience. I have strong ambitions to be successful and want to understand all the ins and outs of private lending. This summer internship will allow me to garner the experience I can apply to future jobs and my broader career path.

Even though my path after college isn’t set in stone, I hope my time at Juniper Capital will provide a valuable opportunity to build further connections and learn more about the real estate lending industry. This experience isn’t just a job, it’s a pivotal learning curve shaping my understanding of my career options. My goal is to make a significant impact in the fields of equity or commercial real estate. By engaging deeply with the work and people at Juniper, I hope to gain a clearer outlook on what I truly want to pursue, leading to more opportunities in the future. Stay tuned! I’ll continue to explore and learn, and I look forward to sharing my insights with you in the next blog.

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