This holiday season, we made a list of what we’re thankful for as loan officers and underwriters.

At Juniper Capital we are thankful for each of our borrowers, and the opportunity to assist them in closing private real estate loans that meet and exceed their needs. We are also thankful to continue to expand our business to serve Seattle, Tacoma and the South Sound, the state of Washington, and the entire Pacific Northwest. Give us a call to start the conversation today, and experience the Juniper difference.

Thanksgiving weekend has nearly arrived, and it has us reflecting on the things we’re thankful for. No matter what time of year, there are a few things that loan officers and underwriters always appreciate, and it’s important to know how you can turn them into your advocate. Having your loan officer or underwriter on your side can be a huge asset as a real estate investor, and can increase your likelihood of closing the loan you need.

A Complete Loan Package
Having a complete loan package prepared for submission is one thing all lenders are grateful for. Having your documentation available and organized will allow the loan process to move forward much more quickly and enable your loan officer to better assist you in achieving your financing objectives at more favorable terms.

Honesty and Transparency
As a loan officer, it is always my goal to structure a financing solution that is most favorable to my client – and this is significantly easier when I am provided all of the facts. If a borrower tries to hide something, it will inevitably come to light during the underwriting process. However, when borrowers are upfront about any potential issues, their loan officer can be proactive in developing solutions and getting the loan funded despite potential obstacles.

Clear Communication
Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. When putting together a loan, lenders are always thankful for borrowers who both clearly communicate their goals and objectives, and respond quickly to questions and requests. This is especially true when working to meet a tight deadline – something common in the world of real estate finance.

Our Borrowers
At the end of the day, those of us in the lending industry receive great satisfaction helping our clients get the financing that they need for their properties and projects to be successful, and we are thankful for the relationships built with those clients. Great borrowers make for great loans, and are something loan officers and underwriters alike can be thankful for.