In June 2013, Weyerhauser purchased 645,000 acres of rich timberlands, prime property investment in Oregon and Washington. The company now claims to be the largest private owner of United States timberlands. Most of the recently purchased assets are located west of the Cascade Mountains.

“Weyerhaeuser will be paying Brookfield Asset Management $2.65 billion for Longview Timberland, including the assumption of debt, and will raise $2.45 billion in debt and equity; management also said they secured a bridge loan from Morgan Stanley.” (

Weyerhauser now owns approximately 2.6 million acres of timberlands in the Pacific Northwest. The recent purchase expanded their timber holdings by 33%. Weyerhauser paid a high price for the assets ($4,109 per acre), but the investment appears to be justified, given the quality of the timberlands and Weyerhauser’s Japanese export opportunities.

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