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Building the Right Construction Loan for You

Key considerations for builders when structuring a construction loan. Development has continued at a rapid clip here in the Pacific Northwest – evidenced by Seattle leading the nation in cranes in the sky for the third straight year with 45, and Portland not far behind with 32. While your project may not require such heavy-duty machinery, whether large or small, a well-structured construction loan will have a significant impact on the overall success of your project. Construction loans, either from a bank or a private money lender, may include a wide variety of terms and structures. Below are some things to consider when shopping for a construction loan that will allow you to make the best decisions for your project […]

Is Private Money Right for You?

Why more investors are turning to private money for their real estate financing needs. Private money lenders, or hard money lenders, often have the reputation of an option of last resort for individuals who cannot qualify for traditional financing. However, this is common misconception – many private lenders work with high-quality real estate investors, while providing many advantages over bank financing. As banks have tightened their lending standards, an increasing number of real estate investors and developers have turned to private money to get more deals done, quickly and efficiently. Speed Private money loans can allow a real estate investor to capitalize on fleeting opportunities. On a typical commercial property loan, where a bank might take 2-3 months to close, […]

Finding the Best Private Lender For You

Not all private lenders are created equal. A simple Google search of “Private Lenders” brings back over nine million hits. Searching “Hard Money Lenders” willing bring you another five million more. In a competitive market there are many very good options, but an increasing number of lenders with the potential to cause set-backs for you and your project. With so many options out there, how does a borrower find a lender who is the right fit for them? Beyond just the rate and fees offered, what should you consider when looking for a private lender? Finding the right private lending partner, who offers speed and flexibility, can have a huge impact on a real estate investor’s bottom line. The following […]

Structuring Successful Private Money Loan Requests

Increase the likelihood of getting the terms you want. Private money lenders offer real estate investors speed, flexibility and the opportunity to take advantage of otherwise fleeting investment opportunities. Unlike banks, private lenders can often offer more flexibility in their terms and underwriting requirements – a significant advantage when time is of the essence. But how can real estate investors better present their loan requests to private lenders in order to secure the most favorable terms and bring a deal to the finish line in the fastest, most efficient manner possible? While a major advantage of using a private money lender, such as Juniper Capital, is the reduction of frustrating red tape, preparedness on the part of the borrower is […]