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What is a Hard Money Loan?

At Juniper Capital, it is our goal to change the perception of hard money in Seattle, Tacoma, and across the Pacific Northwest. We are a creative, trustworthy, integrity driven private lending partner that comes through for our clients when banks simply can’t. Our experienced team provides immense value to our borrowers throughout the loan process, specializing in commercial loans, construction loans, and more. Give us a call to start the conversation today.    We’re starting the year off by going back to basics – what are hard money loans, and how can they benefit the savvy real estate investor? It has been said that hard money lending is the world’s second oldest profession. But, despite hard money lending’s lengthy history, […]

Lessons to Learn from a Lender in 2018

At Juniper Capital, we strive to educate our clients so they can make the most informed decisions regarding their real estate investments. As private money lenders in the Northwest, we specialize in commercial real estate financing, construction loans, fix and flip loans, and more. Leverage Juniper’s hard money lending experience and expertise in the year to come – give us a call to start the conversation today. Taking a look at the year behind us to better understand where we are going in 2019. As we come to the end of the year and look back on 2018, there are several notable trends and lessons we can learn from to gain insight on the lending and real estate markets in […]

What Private Money Lenders Are Thankful For

This holiday season, we made a list of what we’re thankful for as loan officers and underwriters. At Juniper Capital we are thankful for each of our borrowers, and the opportunity to assist them in closing private real estate loans that meet and exceed their needs. We are also thankful to continue to expand our business to serve Seattle, Tacoma and the South Sound, the state of Washington, and the entire Pacific Northwest. Give us a call to start the conversation today, and experience the Juniper difference. Thanksgiving weekend has nearly arrived, and it has us reflecting on the things we’re thankful for. No matter what time of year, there are a few things that loan officers and underwriters always […]

Why Hard Money is Important to Investors

At Juniper Capital, it is our goal to change the perception of hard money in Seattle, Tacoma, and across the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in commercial real estate loans, private construction loans, fix and flip loans, and more. Give us a call to start the conversation today.   Why hard money might be the easiest solution to your real estate financing dilemma. As veterans of the alternative financing industry, we are well aware of the negative connotation often associated with the term “hard money lender.” For some, it may stir up images of loan-shark like lenders, astronomical interest rates, or thugs sent to collect payments. But in reality, these couldn’t be further from the truth – as banks have continued […]

How to Identify Frauds and Fake Lenders

Identifying frauds and un-reputable lenders when seeking commercial real estate financing. As with all industries, the commercial lending industry features a wide variety of individuals and firms – some highly reputable, and others less so. When in the market for a commercial loan, the number of potential lenders can present a challenge to even the savviest real estate investors and developers. Seeking a private lending partner can present even more challenges, seeing as private lenders do not have the same accreditation processes as banks. So, when shopping for a private commercial loan, how does one identify the frauds and fakes and make the best selection for their borrowing needs? As private money lenders in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve outlined potential […]

Loan Terms for Real Estate Investors to Review

When negotiating and structuring a loan, the first questions we hear from borrower’s and primary focus of discussion nearly always center around the prospective lender’s rates and fees. While rates and fees will generally dictate the cost of the loan, not all loans are created equal – beyond the interest rate, there are several other important loan terms that borrowers should be aware of. Unlike traditional home mortgages, which are relatively uniform, commercial and bridge loans often include a wider variety of terms that can be of high importance to a real estate investor and the ultimate success of their project. Whether working with a bank or a private money lender, understanding the following loan terms will assist a real […]

What You Need to Obtain a Commercial Property Loan

Increase your likelihood of getting the loan you need by compiling a complete loan package. Success often lies at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. When searching for a commercial property loan, an opportunity has likely already presented itself – and with a little preparation, you will be better positioned to capitalize on it. Obtaining a commercial loan is a more complex and time-consuming process than most residential loans. Timing is key – being prepared can save you time and allow you to close on a tight timeline. Having all relevant information and documentation ready in advance of approaching a lender may even result in more favorable loan terms. Uncertainty and unanswered questions represent risk to a lender, so present […]

Signs of a Slowdown?

Important Market Considerations for Real Estate Investors. Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region have been home to some of the hottest real estate and development in the last several years. However, there are some signs of change that real estate investors should be aware of. Rising Interest Rates In June, the Federal Reserve Board implemented another rate hike, bringing the Fed Funds Rate to 2.00%. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has described the case for continuing to raise interest rates as “strong,” citing declining unemployment and increased household spending. With two more rate hikes planned for 2018 and three in 2019, investors should expect rates to continue to rise. This week the WSJ prime rate hit 5.00%. Higher interest rates […]

Building the Right Construction Loan for You

Key considerations for builders when structuring a construction loan. Development has continued at a rapid clip here in the Pacific Northwest – evidenced by Seattle leading the nation in cranes in the sky for the third straight year with 45, and Portland not far behind with 32. While your project may not require such heavy-duty machinery, whether large or small, a well-structured construction loan will have a significant impact on the overall success of your project. Construction loans, either from a bank or a private money lender, may include a wide variety of terms and structures. Below are some things to consider when shopping for a construction loan that will allow you to make the best decisions for your project […]

Is Private Money Right for You?

Why more investors are turning to private money for their real estate financing needs. Private money lenders, or hard money lenders, often have the reputation of an option of last resort for individuals who cannot qualify for traditional financing. However, this is common misconception – many private lenders work with high-quality real estate investors, while providing many advantages over bank financing. As banks have tightened their lending standards, an increasing number of real estate investors and developers have turned to private money to get more deals done, quickly and efficiently. Speed Private money loans can allow a real estate investor to capitalize on fleeting opportunities. On a typical commercial property loan, where a bank might take 2-3 months to close, […]