Each year as February rolls around, we start to see bouquets of roses and heart-shaped chocolates filling storefronts in preparation for Valentine’s Day. We watch Oscar-nominated films and hear about movie stars prepping for their big night at the Academy Awards with expert stylists selecting the perfect ball gowns and tuxedos. We gear up for “the big game” (especially when the Seahawks are involved!), celebrate Black History Month, President’s Day and more.

February is a month full of celebrations in which thoughtful cards and gifts are exchanged between loved ones and celebratory champagne toasts take center stage. And while these holidays and events give us something to look forward to in this cold winter month, our philosophy is that our clients deserve to receive the royal treatment and be celebrated each and every day!

At Juniper Capital, we don’t wait for Hallmark or Hollywood to tell us to roll out the red carpet and treat our clients with love, respect and appreciation. We do these things every day of the year because our clients are like family to us and we want to help them achieve their financial goals. We pride ourselves on producing fast, reasonable, secure private commercial real estate loans and more that enable our clients to do so.

As leading private money lenders, we’re here to celebrate you and your goals as well as answer any questions you might have about Seattle real estate loans or hard money loans in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact us today to learn more!